Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Recruitment

What is the procedure for becoming a member of Project Manas?

You can join Project Manas either by giving our interview or by solving the bonus question after which you will be recruited into the task phase.

What is the purpose of bonus questions?

The bonus questions helps us identify the best prospective recruits so we can recruit then into the task phase directly. It also helps you skip the interview round.

What is the GBM? What will be covered?

GBM is out General Body Meeting where we will be proving detailed information about the working of each subsystem to give you complete insight into the working of Project Manas.

When will recruitments be held?

Recruitment interviews commence on the 20th of October.

Where will the recruitments be held?

Recruitment interviews will be held in our workshop.

What are the various divisions that one can apply for?

Project Manas the following divisions: Artificial Intelligence, Sensing and Automation, Mechanical, Management. You may apply for more than one.

Can I be a part of multiple divisions?

No, but you can contribute to them. In fact, it’s crucial that members help others so as to finish tasks on time.

What are the requirements to join Manas?

For Artificial Intelligence :basic knowledge of coding.

For Sensing and Automation: basic knowledge of analog electronic devices, network analysis, adruino coding will give you a boost.

For Mechanical :basic CAD modelling, basic knowledge of mechanics.
For Management :writing and speaking skills,basic understanding of marketing as well as business management.

What kind of question will be asked during interviews?

You will be asked simple questions to test your aptitude basic knowledge of the subject the subsystem delves into. Usually the questions asked are bearing in mind your age and inexperience so you need not stress about them. 12th grade knowledge will be sufficient.

What is the Task Phase?

Task phase the period of time where you are trained. You will be given learning material that you have to study and understand. You will also be given tasks that you have to carry out.

How long does Task Phase last?

Task Phase will be conducted for 60-80 days.

What are the working hours? 

Team members are expected to work 6:30 pm to 9pm in the case of first years.

Which days will be designated as holidays?

Holidays will be provided during sessionals and end semester exams. Sundays will be declared holidays in the absence of pending tasks.

Can I attend interview without attending GBM?

Yes. The GBM is only to give you full details about the club. But for those who miss it, it will be recorded and made available.

When will the winners of the bonus questions challenge be announced?

Winners will be announced at the GBM.

Will I get any credit for attempting bonus questions even if I cannot solve them completely?

You can bring for failed attempts to the workshop during interviews and some credit will be provided to you if you are close to the answer.