We envision India employing and making the best of automated systems in the near future with a drastic reduction in road accidents, relief from traffic problems, speedy emergency services, lesser military casualties and an overall improvement in the quality of lives.


Our greatest aspiration is to not only transform the face of Indian Automobile Industry by developing an autonomous drive system for vehicles optimized for Indian road and traffic conditions but inspire advanced research in Artificial Intelligence and lead the way in its implementation enabling automated systems to be made available to the general population.

Our Story

The twilight of almost every story conveys a moral that is pondered upon. One such story in the making is the inception and progressive nature of “PROJECT MANAS”, an AI robotics team hailing from Manipal Institute Of Technology, Manipal. Due to the profound deterioration of mother earth’s health, the urge to develop and implement technology sustainably and ecologically is highly under contemplation by booming industries. A positive stride in it’s direction was orchestrated by Mahindra, with their “Spark The Rise Challenge” which challenged innovative minds and potential in various universities to efficiently engineer an autonomous vehicle to drive through the Indian roads! The incentive subjected to completion of the task is a whopping sum of 1 million dollars in remuneration.One such team in the running is ours. Three years ago... View full

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