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About Us

Project MANAS is the official AI and Robotics team of MAHE, Manipal established in 2014.

We are the Grand Prize winners and won the Lescoe Cup at the Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition which is held at Michigan. Our aim is to build India’s first driverless car and are among the top 13 participants in the Mahindra’s Rise Prize challenge.

Vision & Mission

Project MANAS aims to inspire advanced research in Artificial Intelligence and oversee its implementation enabling automated systems to be made available to generous populous. Our mission is to uphold the tradition of pushing the limits of Artificial Intelligence and Bringing Bits to Life.




Our first stride into the autonomous robots started with Wall-E. It was built as a proof of concept. Wall-E is where the journey and dream began.

Mahindra Rise Prize


Eve is our entry into the $1 million challenge. It's the culmination of years of hard work and the very best of what our team can offer. It's packed with cutting edge technologies and techniques, made even more impressive as we're the youngest team to qualify for the finals.



Adam, as its name sake, is the very first of its kind -- our first ever entry into IGVC. Built rapidly over a course of a few months, Adam showcases our team's rapid prototyping and development abilities. Fortunately, our sleepless night paid off as Adam placed 9th in the world, and 2nd in India. Adam was also 2nd in the IOP Challenge.




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Harsh Barde: +919604396142
Ritwik Agarwal: +919608155006
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