A car at the end of the day is a mechanical entity.The mechanical division ensures that even after making so many changes to the car in order to make it autonomous, it still has all its mechanical aspects in place.






Mechanical Design Sub-Division


The design team mainly uses two tools: CATIA and Ansys for design and simulation purposes.

  1. Modified the Ackermann steering system of Wall-E which previously had a lot of loose links with impractical dimensions.
  2. CAD models of Wall-E and E2O successfully developed for simulation purposes.Also designed the steering system of WallE to generate ideal angular readings.
  3. Calculated COG, MOI and various dimensions of WallE using CAD models.
  4. Designed roof rack using CATIA to accommodate lidar, mono camera, antennas and long range radars.
  5. Tested feasibility of various designs using Ansys simulations.  
  6. Found the relation between the servo and the tyre angle.
  7. Made the first prototype(CAD model) of the robotic arm and did torque calculations on it.


Mechanics Sub-Division


Mechanics subdivision deals with the mathematical, kinematic and dynamic modeling of various robots. This is essential for the development of an effective control system for a robot. We also provide the necessary equations and models required for simulations done by the artificial intelligence division.

  1. Algorithm for line follower using PID.
  2. Algorithm for go to goal tracking using PID.
  3. Equations for Ackermann steering, differential drive and bicycle model.
  4. Research on forward and inverse kinematics for a robotic arm.
  5. Developed a forward kinematics equation for a 4 degree of freedom robotic arm.