Mechanical Challenge

This paper is to be attempted only by first year students.

The challenge:

As the AI age draws closer, we find ourselves needing an intelligent robot, like the one in the movie ‘Wall-E’, to help solve our garbage crisis. Your mission, should you choose you to accept it, is to place the sensors (the eyes) that the robot will use to help it navigate and collect the waste efficiently. You are given a CAD
model of a robot and a list of sensors along with their fields of view. Place the sensors wisely so as to minimize the blind spots. Clearly illustrate the fields of view using distinct colors and submit the design file and renderings of your model.
SensorsQuantityRange and Field of View
2D Lidar-Short Range 1Range: 0-10m; Field of View: 270°
Radar-Short Range 2Range: 0-60m; Field of View: -75° to +75°, Altitude: -6° to +6°
Depth Sensing Camera 1Range: 0-30m; Azimuth Angle:75°, Altitude: 30°
Ultrasonic Sensor2Range: 0-1.5m (Single beam)


Bonus questions(optional):

1. Make a chassis for a robot (like the one provided in the challenge) along with a mechanism for the robot’s arm(s) on any CAD software. The design must be based on a novel and intuitive design and must help the robot achieve its tasks: navigation, obstacle avoidance, picking and placing objects. 2. Solve the following mechanics question and the show the required calculations: The weight of the bot is 60 kg and must carry a payload of 20 kg. To drive the robot at a velocity of 7 km/h, a powerful motor is needed for each wheel, whose radius is 15 cm. The motors available are rated 8 kg-cm torque and 1500 rpm each. The bot must climb an incline of 10% gradient. Can the robot make the climb? If not provide a way for the motors to drive the robot up the incline.


Submission and grading

The participant is encouraged to read up on the purpose and functioning of the sensors. The placement of sensors must be done in a systematic manner. Any CAD software may be used for the challenge, some recommended are CATIA, SolidWorks, Inventor, Fusion 360.
The challenge question is mandatory and its completion is sufficient to qualify. However, the additional questions may be attempted to show the participant’s proficiency and give them an edge over others.
Submit the design files, word docs (if any) to
For any queries, contact Anirudh Kaushik ( mob. 9632427812) or Ansh Verma ( mob. 8296539473)
*Note to participants unfamiliar with CAD – Those who don’t know how to use CAD software may only solve the mechanics question (bonus question 2) and submit it for consideration.



Link to download Fusion 360: 360/students-teachers-educators. Interested students can collect CATIA software from the Project Manas workshop (after 6:30 pm).
Download PDF version of this question here.